Hello and welcome! I am beyond ecstatic you are here! The idea and inspiration for this blog came to me while traveling reviewing the many directions my career has turned. Bunhead, turned musical theater lover, turned modern dancer, returning to a musical theater girl and on to the multitasker I was as a dancer in The Aluminum Show. In the end, I embody all of the experiences I have had as a performer. I thought to myself, I must not be the only one! I then began to think of all the different people I have met along the way and the directions their careers have gone and how beautiful this life we live as dancers is! I wanted to make a note of all of this. Allow other people to observe and understand this crazy world we live in as dancers and how every person’s story is different. There is no one road to success. I want this website to be a platform for dancers to share their passion with words and give them an opportunity to express their joys of success and celebrate their triumphs, but as a community. I want dancers to pat themselves on the back for all of the sacrifices they’ve made, for their undying drive and unique persistence, and to remind themselves to keep going! This is a place to laugh, to be inspired, to share, and to verbalize our connections and paths. Enjoy your stay and please feel free to share!
Always with dancing thoughts, Christina
If you are a dancer with a story and you would like to be a part of this project, please email me at belinskyc@gmail.com

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