Brian Mengini Photography


Not only can the story of a dancer’s rise to success inspire us to keep growing as artists. A picture of a dancer living in the moment can also motivate us to step into class, challenge ourselves by trying a new move, or strive to be better. Brian Mengini’s photographs do exactly that. Brian’s photographs are stunning. He says that capturing the beauty of dance wasn’t a planned thing. “I was just getting back into photography after a 10 year hiatis. A friend had a dance company and asked me to do some promo shots for his show at the Wilma [in Philadelphia]. Got a great response so I figured I would be a dance photographer and its been my focus and passion since.” Five years later, his photographs have been published in 4 different countries as well as every dance magazine in the states. On top of being a photographer with a knack for dance, he is a married father of two and does a lot of advocacy work in the special needs community. Please take the time to “like” his Facebook page and let the inspiration begin!




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