Lauren Strigari


What are you currently working on?

I am currently performing in Grease Das Musical (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) – but constantly working on myself, and life!

When did you start your training?

I started my training when I was about 9 I would say. I started taking longer trips to dance classes, and that’s when it all started to matter to me. It was a commitment and I wouldn’t have done it if it didn’t feel right!

When did you decide you wanted to be a dancer?

I actually always loved to dance and perform. It was truly a way for me to let emotions and energy out that I held in. Actually I never really held in all of my energy, I just had to let it out somehow, and putting on a show while dancing around was the perfect option for me! I was about to go to college, but then received a call for a “big girl” job opportunity so I ran with that and started my journey as a professional dancer/world traveler! I have the best life, and memories that have changed my life forever!

What was your first professional job as a dancer?

My first professional job as a dancer was the Radio City Christmas Spectacular in Branson, MO and Phoenix, AZ.

Who were your mentors and what roles did they play in your growth as an artist?

My mentors as my role as an artist are clearly my undoubtedly talented friends I have worked with or met throughout my career. Throughout my travels I have always tried to keep the ball rolling and soak in as much information from the artists around me. I am constantly inspired by young, old, new, etc. If you are a one way street, you will not grow or learn new tricks! Sometimes I find myself believing in my peers more than myself, but I know I have grown and pushed harder due to their talents.

Where are you based out of?

I am based out of NYC, however, I will not know where I will end up. There is no place like NYC, but the road has led me to various regions of the world. I like to work as consistently as I can, and traveling comes hand in hand with the work, therefore, I am gone for months at a time sometimes. I love it!

What’s your favorite memory on stage?

My favorite moment on stage I can not think of specifically, however, it usually involves something going wrong, a fall, or costume malfunction! Those are usually a nice break from being too focused, and is followed by a laugh and great story at the end of the show!

What is your favorite place you have ever performed?

My favorite place I have ever performed was in Byblos, Lebanon. It was 3 years after they were at war, and they were in the midst of rebuilding their city as much as they could. This brought the city & country even so much closer and their was a lot of love all around. We performed for a week in an open air arena stage normally built for concerts. This was unlike any theatre experience in my life, because it’s not normal to do a musical outside for a large audience. Theatre is normally inside and dark. We brought Grease the Musical to Lebanon and made history! This was a life changing moment in my career!

Do you have a pre-show ritual or superstition?

I don’t really have a pre show ritual, I just put my music on and block out everything else. Music moves me in a way that nothing else can. I turn on my tunes and stretch out to get warmed up, then attack my show!

What inspires you to keep going?

What inspires me to keep on going with my career is simply, happiness. I am most fulfilled in my life, changing lives through performing on stage, and traveling the world. Stepping onto the stage and stepping out of reality for the moment. I am driven to keep performing because I am aware that this is my home!

What are your goals outside of dance?

My goals outside of dance are to keep traveling and being inspired by our world and the way it works! I would like to in the future, possibly become an agent and continue helping people fulfill their goals. It makes me happy and I feel good putting my effort and work into supporting others’ dreams.

Do you have any advice to give to other dancers whether they are just starting or in the thick of it?

My advice to other professionals is to just keep it moving. There’s nothing worse than being stuck in a rut and uninspired. Try not to take jobs that will not make you fulfilled in the way that you need to be as a performer. It’s unfair to yourself and the audience you will be delivering your work to. When you step onto the stage you should feel and become alive!!!!

What music are you listening to right now?

I am currently listening to my “morning chill mix” in Dubai! James Morrison just turned into Marc Broussard and I am in my happy place jamming on a balcony in the sun.

Five inspirations :
1. LOVE – I aspire to be a part of anything and anyone that involves a plethora of love.
2. FLAVOR – Anything bland is uninspiring to yourself & others. Zest it up baby, and keep things fresh!
3. MUSIC – It takes me to another place
5. FRIENDS – My friends are brilliant . . . new and old, past and present, they all inspire me everyday even without them knowing, and even some people I have met at a very brief moment. I consider anyone a friend who has touched my life.


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